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Abortion - 2

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Many of the leaders in the feminist movement promote arguments in favor of legalized abortion.


Contemporary Moral Issues


I. Abortion (part 2)

A. Introduction

B. John Jefferson Davis, Evangelical Ethics

C. Biblical Evidence


D. Arguments for Abortion and their Rebuttals

1. Beginning of human life?

2. Absolute right of the mother?

3. In the case of rape?

4. Psychological repercussions?

5. Consciousness of the fetus?

6. Right to a meaningful existence?

7. Spare the child the abuse?

E. Libertarians

1. One ethical principle

2. Questions and Answers

F. Feminism

1. Gender feminism

2. Pro-life feminism

a. Men benefit from abortion.

b. Violence is not a solution.

c. Inherent worth of all humans

3. Quotations

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