A Cure for Public Education

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Some possible solutions for the problems in public education would include increased role of the family, increased motivation of students, local control of the education system, separation of the school and state, and educational choice.


Social Ethics

Part 8

VIII. A Cure for Public Education

A. Reasons for the Weaknesses of Public Education

1. It tends to attract people who are poor students.

2. There are no content courses offered for education majors.

3. Professional educationists

4. National Education Association

B. Four Essential Steps to Improve Public Education

1. Increased role of the family

2. Increased student motivation

3. Local control of the educational system

4. School choice

C. Separation of School and State

1. Private schools and public money

2. Horace Mann

3. The Supreme Court

4. The only western nation that denies public money to private schools

D. Educational Choice

1. Parental choice

2. Mechanism - Educational vouchers

3. Solves three problems

a. Quality

b. Cost

c. Values

4. Challenge to choice

a. Elitist

b. Proper reply

E. Questions and Answers


Name Description
1 Christian Ethics - 13

Christian Ethics - 13


42 min

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