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Lecture 12: Problems in Public Education

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Public education is facing challenges related to ethical relativism, values clarification, and functional, cultural, moral and spiritual illiteracy.


Social Ethics

Part 7

VII. Problems in Public Education

A. Allan Bloom

1. A new relativism

2. Omissions by Bloom

B. Three Kinds of Illiteracy

1. Functional

2. Cultural

3. Moral and Spiritual

C. Relativism

1. Values clarification movement

a. McGuffey Readers

b. Definition

2. Ethical Relativism

a. A position without an argument

b. Will Herberg - A creeping conviction

c. Clarify their thinking

i. Incorrect definition

ii. Correct definition

d. Epistemological relativism

e. Absolutist Agenda

f. W. T. Stace

g. With no standards there is no basis for judgments.

3. John Dewey

a. No truth

b. Dewey's dilemma

i. Goal of education is growth.

ii. No criterion for measuring growth

D. Positivism

E. Secularism, Naturalism and Humanism


Name Description
1 Christian Ethics - 12

Christian Ethics - 12

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