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Christianity and Marxism

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Definition of Marxism and description of different types of Marxism and liberation theology.


Social Ethics

Part 5

V. Christianity and Marxism

A. Liberation Theology

1. Jose Miguez-Bonino

2. Andrew Kirk

B. Three Kinds of Marxism

1. Social-Democratic Marxism

a. British Fabians

b. The Socialist Party in the US

c. Definition

d. Argument against

2. Marxism-Leninism

a. Bolshevik movement

b. Definition

3. Neo-Marxism

a. Advocated by liberation theologians

b. Alienation of the worker

i. From his product

ii. From his job

iii. From others

iv. From himself

c. Criticism of alienation theory

i. Not exclusive to capitalism

ii. Borrowed ideas

iii. Early manuscripts, published posthumously

iv. Contradicted by later arguments of Marx

v. Omits alienation from God

d. Herbert Marcuse

e. Tony Campolo

C. Neo-Marxism and Liberation Theology

1. Cooperation in Latin America

2. Two kinds of liberation theology

a. True liberation

b. False liberation

3. Three tests

a. Political liberation

b. Economic liberation

c. Spiritual liberation

D. True Liberation Theology

1. Pope John Paul II

2. Michael Novak

3. Tenets

a. Salvation through Christ

b. Based upon democratic capitalism

c. Pushes toward democracy

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