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Lecture 7: Justice

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Definition of justice and the role of individuals and the state in accomplishing justice.


Social Ethics

Part 2

II. Justice

A. Government in the New Testament

1. The state is ordained by God.

Romans 13

2. It is a check against sin.

3. It is a necessary evil.

4. Proper restraints on governmental power are necessary.

Revelation 13

B. Justice in Ancient Greece

1. Involves giving a person her due

2. Two kinds of justice

a. Universal justice

b. Particular justice

i. Commercial justice

ii. Remedial justice

iii. Distributive justice

C. "Social Justice"

1. Fairness and righteousness in the Bible

2. The distribution of a good or burden by the state

D. The Fairness Aspect of Justice

1. The formal principle of justice

2. The material principles of justice

a. Irrelevant principles

b. Relevant principles

c. The problem with need

E. Two Contemporary Theories of Justice

1. Just results

2. Critique of just results

3. Just procedures

F. The Difference between Justice and Love

1. Non-discrimination vs. discrimination

2. Coercive vs. Non-coercive

3. The Year of Jubilee

a. Leviticus 25

b. Predicated on land as the most important possession

c. It was never instituted.

d. Not practical today


Name Description
1 Christian Ethics - 7

Christian Ethics - 7

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