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Lecture 2: Consequentialism

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Discussion of consequentialism, hedonism and utilitarianism.


Philosophical Ethics

Part 1

I. Consequentialism

A. Hedonism

1. What is Hedonism?

2. Psychological Hedonism

3. Ethical Hedonism

4. Egoistic Ethical Hedonism

a. Cyrenaicism

b. Epicureanism

i. Pleasures: Intensity vs. Duration

ii. Physical Pleasures

iii. Pleasures: Body vs. Mind

iv. Moderation

5. Evaluation of Hedonism

a. Pleasure is not the highest good.

b. The single-minded pursuit of pleasure is self-defeating.

c. Pleasure is given too much importance.

B. Altruistic Hedonism

1. Jeremy Bentham

a. Quantitative Position

b. Hedonic Calculus

c. Critique of Bentham

d. Results of Bentham's Work

e. Carlyle's Statement

2. John Stuart Mill

a. Qualitative Position

b. Mill's Response to Carlyle

c. The Destruction of Hedonism

C. Ideal Utilitarianism

D. Arguments against Utilitarianism

1. It supports immoral conduct.

2. It leads to situations that are revolting, ridiculous and immoral.

3. Examples

E. Recent Developments in Utilitarianism

1. Act Utilitarianism

3. Argument against Rule Utilitarianism


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1 Christian Ethics - 2

Christian Ethics - 2

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58 min

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