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Lecture 1: Introduction

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Overview of the class and definition of key terms.




I. Course Overview

A. The Christian Response to Speculative Philosophical Ethics

B. The Christian and Society

1. The Christian and the State

2. Justice

3. Economics

4. Education

C. The Biblical Ethic

D. Contemporary Moral Issues


II. Key Words and Distinctions

A. Normative vs. Non-normative

1. Non-normative words

2. Normative words

3. Two key normative words

B. Two Major Emphases in Ethics

1. Intrinsic Goodness

2. Extrinsic Instrumental Goodness

C. Moral Goods vs. Non-moral Goods

D. Two Kinds of Obligations (Duties)

1. Moral Duties

2. Non-moral Duties

E. Two Major Schools of Ethical Thought

1. Consequentialist Theories

2. Deontologist

F. Distinctions Between Act and Action (W. D. Ross)

1. Act

2. Action

3. Four Combinations of Behavior

a. Right act and good action

b. Right act and bad action

c. Wrong act and good action

d. Wrong act and bad action

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