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Friendship With God

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We were created for community, but our sin has produced alienation. By his Spirit, Christ is restoring our intimacy with God and others.


Friendship With God

A. We are not alone: "He is there and he is not silent" (Francis Schaeffer)

B. Created for relationship

C. Challenges to relationship

1. The inward curve of the sinful self (2 Tim 3:2)

2. Western individualism

3. Busyness

D. Knowing God's true character

1. The importance of knowing

2. Overcoming defective father images

E. Belonging to God (Rom 8:16)

F. The nature of the relationship

1. Keeping company with God (Gal 5:25)

2. Friendship with God (John 15:15)

G. Speaking and listening

H. Sufficiency of this relationship

I. God must be first

J. An atmosphere of reciprocal delight

K. Some helpful guides: Bernard of Clairvaux, A.W. Tozer and John Piper

L. Summary

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