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Lecture 1: Getting Started

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The modern way of life has left the human spirit unsatisfied. Though organized religion has been found deficient, real Spirit-uality remains God’s gracious provision for the soul-hunger of every age. We have introduced a framework for understanding such spirituality – one that highlights its three essential dynamics.

Getting Started


Getting Started

A. Introduction

B. The spiritual yearning of our times

C. Spirituality and organized religion

D. What is spirituality?

1. Generic spirituality: Encountering the transcendent and being personally transformed by it

2. Distinctively Christian Spirituality: Encountering the living God and being renewed in Christ-likeness

3. Christian Spirituality is Holistic: Living all of life before God

4. Christian Spirituality is Spirit-uality: Life Lived in the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit

E. God's original design for human beings: We were created in the social, substantive and functional image of God

F. What is wrong with us now? Our souls have become "curved inward" (Martin Luther), and now suffer from alienation, damage, and meaninglessness.

G. The three essential dynamics of Christian Spirituality

1. The Relational: With God and others

2. The transformational: Toward holiness and wholeness

3. The vocational dynamic (from Latin, "vocare," to  "to call": Discovering purpose and meaning.

H. A comprehensive definition

I. Summary


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1 Dynamics of Christian Spirituality - Quiz 1

This quiz covers the material in Dynamics of Christian Spiritual, Lesson 1 – Getting Started.

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59 min

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Recommended Reading

A Little Guide to Christian Spirituality: Three Dimensions of Life with God, by Glen Scorgie, pp. 21-35.

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