The Canon of Scripture

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It is important to know what writings are included in the Bible and the process that took place that determined which ones would be included.


The Canon of Scripture

I. The Canon of Scripture

A. The Meaning of Canon

B. The Fundamental Test of Canonicity

C. Tests the People of God Have Used to Recognize Canonicity

1. Does is carry divine authority?

2. Is it authentic?

3. Is it historically accurate and reliable?

4. Is it theologically consistent?

5. Is it transforming?

6. Was it recognized, preserved, read, and used?

D. Formal Recognition of the Canon

1. Old Testament

2. New Testament

E. Why Not Other Books?

F. The Usefulness of Extra-Biblical Literature

G. A Key Question: Is the Canon Closed?


Name Description
1 Bible Study Methods - Quiz 3

This quiz covers the material in Bible Study Methods, Lesson 3 – The Canon of Scripture.


54 min

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