A Possible Solution

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Discussion of the pros and cons of setting up a voucher system to fund the education system.


Philosophy of Education and the Christian Worldview
Part 2

I.  A Possible Solution - Establish a Voucher System


II.  Objections Considered

A.  School choice will hurt minorities and the poor.

B.  The voucher system will produce school segregation.

C.  The voucher system would destroy the public school system.

D.  The voucher system would encourage the creation of fraudulent schools.

E.  The voucher system would violate the separation of church and state.

F.  The voucher system would permit disinterested and uninformed parents to make poor choices.

G.  The voucher system would eventually allow liberal sentiment to control religious schools, for liberal control follows liberal money.


Name Description
1 Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 24

Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 24


29 min

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