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Lecture 22: Types of Pollution

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Discussion of how people work in a capitalistic system to address environmental concerns.


The Christian Worldview and Environmentalism
Part 2

I.  Acid Rain

A.  pH Levels

B.  Collection of pH data

C.  Acid lakes


II.  Automobiles

A.  R. J. Rushdooney

B.  Pollution output of cars vs. horses

C.  "Fight Smog, Get a Horse"


III. Capitalism and the Environment

A. Capitalism creates incentives to do the right things.

B. Capitalism generates and distributes needed information about pollution.

C. Capitalism enables people to trade things or rights to solve problems.

D. Capitalism enables property rights to develop over time.


Name Description
1 Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 22

Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 22

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