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Christians ought to care about poverty and oppression. People who hold differing economic and social theories propose very different approaches and solutions to these problems.


The Worldview of the Religious Left
Part 1

I.  Introduction

A.  Foundation for Christian Compassion

1.  Christians ought to care about poverty and oppression.

2.  Christians need to be grounded in sound economics and social theory.

B.  Religious Right? or Religious Left?


II.  Three Main Concentrations of the Religious Left

A.  Mainline Protestant

B.  Roman Catholic - Maryknoll Order

C.  Evangelical - Our focus


III.  Historical Digression of the Main Concentrations


IV.  The New Left vs. The Old Left

A.  Forms alliances with Liberals vs. Views liberals as the enemy

B.  Workers are the revolutionary class vs. Intellectuals are the revolutionary class

C.  Workers are exploited vs. Workers are alienated

D.  Industrial socialism vs. Post-industrial socialism

E.  Gradualism vs. Revolutionary change

F.  Central planning and control vs. Decentralized decisions

G.  Liberals want to free others vs. Radicals want to free themselves

H.  Soviet distortion of Marx (Lenin) vs. Discovery of the real Marx (Marcuse)

I.  Realism vs. Utopianism

J.  Serves the People vs. Serves to live authentically

K.  Work is necessary (always conflict) vs. Work can be abolished (no conflict)

L.  Intellectual vs. Anti-intellectual and anti-theoretical

M.  Ideology vs. Style

N.  Vanguardist and elitist vs. Populist

O.  State capitalism (socialism) vs. Anarcho-socialism

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