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Liberation Theology

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Liberation theology is an ideology promoted by people trained in Marxism. True liberation theology delivers people from tyranny, poverty and sin.


The Christian Worldview and Economics
Part 10

I.  Liberation Theology, Why Keep the Name?


II.  Representatives of Liberation Theology

A.  Gustavo Gutierrez

B.  Rubem Alves

C.  Jose Miguez-Bonino


III.  Signs of Change in Liberationist Thought

A.  Hostile criticism from Pope John Paul II

B.  Downfall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union


IV.  Historical Overview of Liberation Theology

A.  Claimed to be an indigenous phenomenon.

1.  Most learned Marxism during schooling in Europe

2.  North American understanding comes from bad translations

B.  Establishment of Catholic Centers for Social Investigation

C.  The Cuban Revolution

D.  Establishment of the Conference of Latin American Bishops (CELAM)

E.  Early development among Latin American Protestants

F.  The rise of guerilla movements in the 1960's

G.  Events in Chile

H.  Maryknoll Order and Orbis Books

I.  Nicaragua and the Sandinistas

J.  Vatican Documents and Papal Encyclicals


V.  A Critique of Liberation Theology

A.  Interpretation of Luke 4:16-21

1.  Normal - Jesus releases people from their sin.

2.  Liberationists put a spin on it.

B.  True liberation theology will deliver people from three problems.

1.  Tyranny

2.  Poverty

3.  Sin

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