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Lecture 15: Poverty

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Some of the root causes of poverty are government, social and religious systems.


The Christian Worldview and Economics
Part 9

I.  Non-economic Dimensions of Poverty

A.  Edward C. Banfield's The Unheavenly City Revisited

1.  Sociological-psychological analysis

2.  Defective time horizon

B.  Genetic or environmental predisposition? 


II.  The Extent of America's Assistance to the Poor

A.  America's War on Poverty ended as a failure

B.  James Gwartney


III.  Causes of Poverty in the Third World

A.  External

1.  Exploitation by the West, governmental intrusion, theft, corruption, oppression, etc.

2.  Focus for Liberals

B.  Internal

1.  Poor education, illiteracy, poor health

2.  Poor personal and societal values

3.  Often overlooked or ignored by Liberals


IV.  Conclusion

A.  Christians who want to help the poor need capitalism.

B.  Capitalism needs Christianity.


Name Description
1 Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 15

Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 15

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