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Lecture 14: Money and Wealth

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We are responsible to be a good steward of the wealth God gives us to manage.


The Christian Worldview and Economics
Part 8

I.  Christian Attitude Toward Money and Wealth

A.  Money obliges us to earn it and use it to meet our needs.

B.  Trouble reconciling passages about the evil influence of money.

C.  Options to solving the dilemma

1.  Voluntary means

a.  Christians can give their money away.

b.  Invest money to help others help themselves.

2.  Coercive means

a.  Insist that the state use its coercive power to redistribute wealth.

b.  Evangelical representatives


II.  What is Money?

A.  Medium of exchange

B.  Important social institution


III.  The Distinction Between Money and Mammon

A.  When money assumes a sinister power in our lives, it become mammon.

B.  Jesus taught that money could become an idol.

C.  Concern should not be about money but an improper attitude toward money.


IV.  The Bible and Wealth

A.  The Teaching and Example of Jesus

B.  Every Christian needs to recognize that whatever he or she possesses is theirs temporarily as a steward under God.


V.  Money and One's Relationship with God


Name Description
1 Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 14

Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 14

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