Socialism and Capitalism

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The Bible and Socialism, Moral Defense of Capitalism


The Christian Worldview and Economics

Part 7

I.  The Bible and Socialism

A.  The Jubilee Year

1.  Leviticus 25

2.  Freedom for slaves and return of land

B.  A Reexamination of the Jubilee Concept

1.  Redistribution did not affect every kind of wealth

2.  Not all the poor benefited from the redistribution

3.  Land would be leased instead of sold

C.  Abraham's Purchase of a Grave for Sarah - Gen. 23


II.  A Moral Defense of Capitalism

A.  Help for the Masses

1.  Makes a bigger pie

2.  Made poor more noticeable

B.  Social Cooperation

C.  Private Ownership and Moral Behavior

1.  Arthur Shenfield

2.  Personal property is treated differently

D.  Everything has a Cost

1.  Capitalism teaches this truth.

2.  Socialism urges people to behave as if there were no cost.

E.  Conclusion

1.  The alternative to free exchange is coercion and violence.

2.  Capitalism is the most more, most effective, and most equitable system of economic exchange.


Name Description
1 Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 13

Advanced Worldview Analysis - Quiz 13


27 min

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