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Discussion of different arguments for God's existence.


The Existence of God

Part 2

II.  Arguments for God's Existence

A.  How high should our standards be?

1.  Don't set them too high.

2.  "What kind of an argument would satisfy you?"

B.  Cumulative Arguments

1.  Many arguments are better than one strong argument.

2.  Similar to a legal case

C.  Deduction or Induction?

1.  Deductive - Conclusion in the premises

2.  Inductive - Cumulative case

3.  Antony Flew - Ten leaky buckets

4.  Richard Swinburne - Response to Flew

D.  Scientific Explanations vs. Personal Explanations

E.  Recent Advances in Science

1.  Astrophysics - Hugh Ross

2.  Microbiology - Michael Behe

a.  Natural Order

b.  Intelligent Cause

3.  Information Systems

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