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Lecture 9: Methodology

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Discussion of deductive presuppositionalism vs. inductive presuppositionalism.


Worldview Issues

Part 2

VI.  Methodology

A.  Deductive Presuppositionalism

1.  Gordon Clark

2.  Gary North

3.  Differences between Clark and Van Til

B.  Inductive Presuppositionalism

1.  Abductive

2.  The Mixed Hypothetical Syllogism

a.  Valid Forms

b.  Fallacious Forms

3.  Other Examples

a.  Scientific investigation

b.  Investigating a crime

c.  Explaining a historical event

d.  Interpreting a text

4.  Reasoning to the best explanation


Name Description
1 Christian Apologetics - Quiz 9

Christian Apologetics - Quiz 9

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34 min

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