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Lecture 8: Noetic Structure

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Your noetic structure, presuppositions and view of epistemology are important elements in the formation of your worldview.


Worldview Issues

Part 1

I.  Noetic Structure

A.  Definition - The sum total of everything a person believes plus the relationships between those beliefs.

B.  Relationship to Worldview


II.  What is a Presupposition?

A.  Definition - A belief that is held without proof or support of any kind.

B.  Several kinds of presuppositions.

C.  Augustine


III.  Non-theoretical Foundations of Theoretical Thought

A.  Non-cognitive

B.  Examples

C.  Biased viewpoint


IV.  The Role of the Holy Spirit


V.  Epistemology

A.  The Christian Theory of Knowledge

B.  Reformed Epistemology

1.  Belief-forming Dispositions

2.  Triggering Conditions

C.  Alvin Plantinga

D.  The Touchstone Proposition

1.  Human beings and the universe in which they reside are the creation of the God who has revealed himself in Scripture.

2.  Access to all of the truth of Scripture

3.  Carl F. H. Henry


Name Description
1 Christian Apologetics - Quiz 8

Christian Apologetics - Quiz 8

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54 min

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