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Lecture 5: Invalid Worldviews

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Explanations and responses to different worldviews.


Postmodern Irrationalism and the Christian Worldview

Part 2

II.  Invalid Worldviews

A.  Two Terms

1.  Logically Self-defeating

2.  Self-referentially absurd

B.  Skepticism

1.  No proposition is true.

2.  Killer Questions

a.  Is this proposition true?

b.  Do you know that?

C.  Epistemological Relativism

1.  All propositions are true.

2.  Response

D.  Evidentialism

1.  It is immoral to believe anything without sufficient proof.

2.  Killer question - Where is your proof for this thesis?

E.  Universal Claims vs. Moderate Claims

F.  Scientific Positivism

1.  It is irrational to believe anything that cannot be verified by the scientific method.

2.  Killer question - What scientific experiment proves this statement?

G.  Misology

1.  A hatred for reason or logic

2.  Radical Feminism

H.  Deconstructionism

1.  It is impossible ever to know the meaning of any written text.

2.  Implications

3.  D. A. Carson - The Gagging of God

4.  Examples of Postmodernism


Name Description
1 Christian Apologetics - Quiz 5

Christian Apologetics - Quiz 5

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