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Open theists believe that God does not have a perfect knowledge of the future.


Open Theism


I. Why do open theists deny God's perfect knowledge of the future?


II. "There is too much Greek philosophy in classical Christianity."


III. The Open Theist Hermeneutic


IV. Can God change his mind?


V. God's Perfect Knowledge of the Future


VI. Logical Consequences of Open Theism

A. God has no idea if you will be married.

B. God has no idea who you will marry.

C. God cannot know if you will have a happy marriage.

D. God has no idea if you will have children.

E. God can have no plan for your life.

F. God has no idea if your children will be believers.

G. God has no idea who will be in his church.

H. God had no idea that his son would die on a cross.

I. God had no idea that even one person would believe in him.

J. The fact that God even has a church is a matter of luck.

K. God doesn't know who will be born and what will be invented.


VII. How can this kind of God control the world?

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