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The Concept of God

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Discussion from a biblical perspective of God's character and attributes.


The Concept of God


I.  Introduction

A.  Assault on the Christian Concept of God

B.  Alleged Incoherence

1.  Individual Divine Attributes

2.  Two or More Divine Attributes

3.  Other Christian Beliefs

4.  Entire Concept of God


II.  Four Theologies

A.  Theology of Ron Nash

B.  Thomistic Theology

C.  Process Theology

D.  Open Theology


III.  Response of Theologies to Key Questions

A.  What is the relationship between God and the world?

B.  God is the independent creator? Interdependent cooperator?

C.  God is changeable or immutable?

D.  God is personal or impersonal?

E.  God's perfection is growing?

F.  God's knowledge is growing?

G.  God does not know the future?

H.  God is totally outside of time?

I.  God's ultimate triumph over evil is assured?

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