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Lecture 18: Possible Worlds

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Something is logically possible if its description does not include a logical contradiction. The existence of the laws of knowledge refute the system of naturalism.


Possible Worlds

Part 2

II.  Possible Worlds

A.  A possible world is a way the real world could have been.

B.  Possible Worlds and Logical Possibility

1.  Something is logically possible if its description does not include a logical contradiction.

2.  Logical possibility and physical possibility

C.  A possible world is a complete state of affairs.

D.  For every possible world there is a book about that world.

E.  Contingency and Necessity

1.  Contingent and Necessary Beings

2.  Contingent and Necessary Truths

F.  Essential and Nonessential Properties

1.  Every human being has nonessential properties.

2.  Essential properties exist in every possible world.

3.  God's essential properties are the sum total of his attributes.

4.  Fallacy of the Kenosis Theory

G.  Refuting Naturalism

1.  Naturalism denies the existence of anything outside the box.

2.  Need just one thing that exists outside the box.

3.  The laws of logic must exist outside the box.

4.  Arguments must conform to the laws of logic.

5.  The laws of logic must be necessarily true.

6.  Naturalism is logically self-defeating.


Name Description
1 Christian Apologetics - Quiz 18

Christian Apologetics - Quiz 18

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