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Luther's treatise on Christ's Passion was used by common people to focus their meditation on the significance of this period of Christ's ministry. Luther urges people to be sensitive to what the Spirit might speak to them as they pray through Scripture passages. Luther's writings are sprinkled with short dialogues that help us deal with everyday matters according to the gospel.


The new devotional practices Luther used to work out the teaching of justification by faith:

1. A Meditation on Christ's Passion – 1519

2. Because of images provided by modern technology, most peoples' imaginations are less developed than those of people in the Middle Ages.

3. A Simple Way to Pray – 1535

4. Our spiritual experience is proved out in how we respond during moments of inner doubt and turmoil.

5. We need to inform our conscience.

6. Luther's writings indicate that he is realistic about the struggles we face in life.

7. The catechisms Luther wrote are a valuable resource to help us continue in the faith.

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