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Lecture 5: Luther's View of the Atonement

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Luther presents his view of the atonement in the form and shape of the theology of the cross. In the cross and resurrection, God is bringing about something new. Christ did not come to give us a new law. Christ came into the closed circle of law and death by being born under the law, then dying and being raised from the dead to redeem those who were under the law. We get what Jesus has to offer by going through the cross ourselves, not just accepting theories about the cross.


I. Different views on the atonement.
    A. Classic (dramatic) view of the atonement
    B. Anselm's view
    C. Abelard's view
II. Luther's view on the atonement
    A. Contrast with views of Scholastic theologians
    B. Controversy among scholars
    C. Luther's view of the atonement is conditioned by his theology of the cross
    D. The resurrection is of great importance to the significance of the cross.
    E. Luther's view of the atonement unified the three major views that were previously proposed.

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31 min

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