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Lecture 2: Philosophy of History (part 2)

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We continue with Bultman's view of history and his idea of myth, gnosticism, and demythologizing. Nash concludes with a discussion of historical knowledge and interpersonal knowledge, and models of faith.


Philosophy of History

Part 2

I. Bultmann’s view of History


II. Three additional kinds of myth in the Bible

A. Biblical language that conflicts with modern psychology

B. Traditional Christian dogma

C. Intervention of a supernatural god into time and space


III. Bultmann and Gnosticism


IV. Demythologizing the New Testament


V. Why Bultmann Disjoins Faith and History

A. Makes faith palatable

B. History too uncertain

C. Doctrine of justification by faith


VI. The verdict of post-Bultmannian theology


VII. Historical knowledge and interpersonal knowledge


VIII. Models of faith

A. Leaning or resting

B. Walking on a tight rope

C. Leap


IX. Christian Faith

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48 min

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