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Lecture 2: Assumptions and Irresistable Grace


Dr. Piper explains his assumptions about the authority of scripture, the importance of understanding and applying what it teaches and the role of the Holy Spirit in making it possible. The five points of Calvinism were first articulated in response to five objections that Arminians had to Calvin's theology in the 1600's.


Assumptions and Irresistable Grace

I. Assumptions

A. The Bible is the Word of God and has supreme authority in matters of faith and practice

B. Being faithful to scripture is more important than being faithful to Calvinism or Arminianism

C. Right thinking about what the Bible teaches about God and man and salvation really matters

D. The work of the Holy Spirit, and the pursuit of his work in prayer, is essential for grasping the truth of Scripture

E. Thinking is essential for grasping Biblical truth

F. God ordains that there be teachers in the church to help the body grasp and apply the truth of Scripture

G. Like all fallen finite human people, you and I see in a mirror dimly. We do not claim to be perfect in what we know, or claim to know all that can be known. We can know some things confidently because of God's revelation. Saying that noone can know anything makes you god.

H. There remain things that God has not chosen to reveal to us, and we must sometimes be content with mystery

II. Historical Background

III. Summary of the Differences Between Calvinism and Arminianism


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