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Lecture 20: Philippians

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Paul contrasts the condescention and the exaltation of Christ, and addresses specific situations in the Philippian church.


Letters of Paul

Part 8

VIII. Philippians

A. The Place of Paul's Imprisonment

1. Caesarea?

a. Arguments in favor

i. Plots against his life

ii. Presence of Praetorium

b. Arguments against

i. Distance from Europe

ii. No sense of release

2. Ephesus?

a. Arguments in favor

i. Very close by

ii. Fits travel plans

b. Arguments against

i. No clear biblical support

ii. No high level Roman leadership

3. Rome?

a. Arguments in favor

i. Dominant church tradition

ii. Caeser's household there

b. Arguments against

i. Future plans originally different

ii. Time short for travels noted

B. Key Verses for Philippian's Context

1. Paul contemplates death (1:21-28, 2:17)

2. The problem of rival teachers (1:15-18)

3. The problem of false teachers 3:2-6) [Does 3:17-19 tie in or not?]

4. Roman colonial hostility (1:27-30, 3:20)

C. Philippians Outline as a Family/Friendship Letter

1. Chapters 1-2

a. Address and greeting (1:1-2)

b. Prayer for recipients (1:3-11)

c. Reassurance about sender (1:12-26)

d. Request for reassurance about recipients (1:27-2:18)

e. Information about movement of intermediaries (2:19-30)

2. Chapters 3-4

a. Special warnings (3:1-4:1)

b. Special instructions and "thankless thank yous" (4:2-20) [see esp. v. 13 in context]

c. Exchange of greetings with third parties (4:21-22)

d. Closing wish for health (4:23)

D. The Philippian Hymn (2:6-11)

1. Stanza 1: The Condescension of Christ

a. The Attitude

i. Who being in very nature God

ii. Did not consider equality with God

iii. Something to be grasped

b. The Abandonment

i. But made himself nothing

ii. Taking the very nature of a servant

iii. Being made in human likeness

c. The Humiliation

i. And being found in appearance as a man

ii. He humbled himself

iii. And became obedient to death


2. Stanza 2: The Exaltation of Christ

a. The Restoration

i. Therefore God exalted him to the highest place

ii. And gave him the name

iii. That is above every name

b. The Adoration

i. That at the name of Jesus

ii. Every knee should bow

iii. In heaven and on earth and under the earth

c. The Confession

i. And every tongue confess

ii. That Jesus Christ is Lord

iii. To the glory of God the Father

E. Philippians 4:6-8


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1 Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation - Quiz 9

Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation - Quiz 9

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