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Acts – Part 5

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The book of Acts records events that happened during Paul's travels as he preached the gospel and established churches throughout Asia Minor and Europe.



Part 5

XIX. Paul in Philippi

A. Preaching to the women by the river – Jewish

B. Exorcising the slave girl – Greek

C. Encountering the jailer – Roman


XX. The Rest of the 2nd Missionary Journey

A. Short time in Thessalonica (but see 1 Thessalonians, and especially 2:13)

B. More noble Bereans (but note how!)

C. In Athens

1. A key model to emulate, not a mistake

2. A key response to expect, not to discourage

D. In fact, contextualization is key throughout


XXI. Paul in Corinth

A. Abusive rejection – Jewish

B. Considerable success – Greek

C. Arraigned before Gallio – Roman


XXII. Acts 2:38, 8:4-25, 10:44-48 and 19:1-7

A. Acts 2:38 – belief, baptism, Holy Spirit

B. Acts 8:4-25 – belief, baptism [gap] Holy Spirit

C. Acts 10:44-48 – Holy Spirit [gap] belief, baptism

D. Acts 19:1-7 – belief – baptism, Holy Spirit


XXIII. Exegetical Notes on Acts 19-21

A. The rest of Paul's time in Ephesus and spiritual warfare (magic and idolatry)

B. Paul's "travel narrative" (recall Luke 9-18)

C. Inconvenience and resurrection in Troas

D. Preaching "the whole counsel of the Word"

E. Church organization (a 3-fold equation)

F. Imperfect use of spiritual gifts

G. The puzzle of the ploy in Jerusalem


XXIV. Paul in Jerusalem

A. Speaking to the soldiers – Greek

B. Addressing the crowd – Aramaic

C. Declaring his citizenship – Roman


XV. The Pauline Perils (from Jerusalem to Rome)

A. Hearing before the Sanhedrin: human irony but divine sovereignty

B. Escort to Caesarea: more providential circumstances

C. Comings and goings with Felix: Roman justice, but only to a point

D. Appeal to Festus and not persuading Agrippa II: even greater irony and providence

E. Voyage, shipwreck and rescue (literary climax)

F. "At last we came to Rome": Jew/Gentile pattern one last time (and "kingdom"!)

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