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Acts – Part 3

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The discussion in the Jerusalem council in Acts chapter 15 was how Jews and gentiles could function together as the body of Christ.



Part 3

XVI. Review: An Outline of Acts

A. Introduction: Founding the Church (1:1-2:41)

B. Part One: Christian Mission to the Jews (2:42-12:25)

1. The Church in Jerusalem (2:42-6:7)

2. The Church in Judea, Galilee and Samaria (6:8-9:31)

3. Advances in Palestine and Syria (9:32-12:25)

C. Part Two: Christian Mission to the Gentiles (13:1-28:31)

1. Paul's first journey and the Apostolic Council (13:1-16:5)

2. Paul's second and third journeys (16:6-19:20)

3. Paul's final travels to Jerusalem and Rome (19:21-28:31)


XVII. Exegetical notes on Acts 13-14

A. Overall Patterns

1. "to the Jew first…"

2. From common ground to gospel message

3. Largest cities

4. Follow-up

5. Persecution

B. Specific Details

1. Power evangelism

2. Core kerygma

3. Contextualization

4. Superstitious preservation of mythology


XVIII. The Apostolic Council (Acts 15)

A. The key issue: circumcision

B. The role of the delegates

1. Paul and Barnabas: undeniable experience

2. Peter: a key "about face"

3. James: Scripture clinches it

C. The nature of the "decree": good advice, not a new law

D. The rationale for the prohibitions

1. Jewish principles for Gentiles?

2. Key elements of pagan worship?

E. The apparent contradiction with Timothy

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