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Lecture 35: Who Was Jesus? Modern Myths vs. Biblical Basics

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Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Jewish Messiah. He was both fully God and fully man. Jesus taught about the kingdom of God and showed compassion to the people who were outcasts in society.


Passion Week

Part 4

III. Who was Jesus? Modern Myths vs. Biblical Basics

A. Modern Myths About Jesus

1. Perspectives unrelated to any real historical evidence

2. Distortions of recently discovered evidence

3. Portraits of Jesus based on only parts of the Gospels

B. Biblical Basics About Jesus

1. Jesus' Humanity

2. Christological Titles

a. Son of man

i. Jewish background: human, Ezekiel – exalted man, Daniel 7:13-14

ii. Greek/Roman background: human

iii. Gospels' use: human, suffering sovereign

b. Son of God

i. Jewish background: human, angel, Messiah

ii. Greek/Roman background: deified human

iii. Gospels' use: from Messiah to God incarnate

c. Christ = Messiah

i. Jewish background: anointed one, triumphant king

ii. Greek/Roman background: rubbed?

iii. Gospels' use: suffering servant

d. Lord

i. Jewish background: God and master

ii. Greek/Roman background: God and master

iii. Gospels' use: God and master

C. The Theology of Jesus

1. New Kingdom Age

a. Already but not yet

b. Mystery: present but not yet irresistible

c. Bigger than church: God's dominion

2. New, True, Freed Israel

a. Current leadership disobedient

b. Gentiles being gathered in

3. Contagious Holiness

a. Not impurity, thus association with moral and social outcasts

b. But always with a view to a call to repentance

D. Jesus' Compassion for Social Outcasts

E. Money and Stewardship

F. Creating Community

G. Unity of Jesus' Followers


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1 Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 30

Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 30

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