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Jericho to Jerusalem (Part 1)

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Passion Week in the life of Jesus includes his anointing in Bethany, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, cleansing of the temple, celebrating Passover, prayer and arrest in Gethsemane, crucifixion and resurrection.


Passion Week

Part 1

I. Jericho to Jerusalem

A. Review

B. Reference to beginning of Mark 10

C. Marriage and divorce in Matthew 19 and I Corinthians 7

1. Forming a marriage

a. Leave and cleave

b. Become one flesh

2. Rupturing a marriage

a. Physical presence but sexual infidelity

b. Sexual fidelity but physical desertion

c. Other items equivalent in destructiveness?

D. Jesus blesses the little children

E. Luke on wealth and stewardship

1. Jesus and the rich young ruler [v. 22] – (18:18-30)

2. Zacchaeus’ conversion [v. 8] – (19:1-10)

3. The parable of the pounds [v. 23] – (19:11-27)

F. Jesus’ Last Week

1. Saturday: preparation for death – anointing at Bethany

2. Sunday: fulfilling Zechariah 9:9 – triumphal entry

3. Monday: threatened destruction of Israel – temple cleansing and fig tree (1)

4. Tuesday: threatened destruction of Israel – fig tree (2) and teaching in temple/Mount of Olives

5. Wednesday: the glory of the Lord departs

6. Thursday: substitutionary suffering – preparation for Passover, Last Supper and Gethsemane.

7. Friday: infinite atonement: trial(s), sentence and execution

8. Saturday:

9. Sunday: vindicating previous claims – resurrection

G. Jesus’ use of Psalm 110:1

1. Mark 12:35-37, Matthew 22:41-46, Luke 20:41-44

2. “Who else is above David?”

a. LORD = Yahweh

b. Lord = Adonai

c. David – king of Israel

H. The Olivet Discourse

1. "Signs," but the end is not yet (Matthew, Mark, Luke)

2. The desolating sacrilege [A.D. 70?] (Matthew, Mark)

3. Jerusalem surrounded by armies (Luke)

4. Great tribulation [church age?] (Matthew, Mark)

5. Times of Gentiles (Luke)

6. Second coming of Christ (Matthew, Mark, Luke)

7. Command to alert faithfulness (Matthew, Mark, Luke)

I. Key Themes in John 12 – 17 ("The ground is level at the foot of the cross.")

1. Chapter 12: Shame before glory, suffering before triumph

2. Chapter 13: Servant leadership vs. authoritarianism

3. Chapters 14-16: Self-giving love as the ultimate expression of Christ's sustaining presence, through the Spirit, in the interim between his comings

4. Chapter 17: Unity of believers with triune God and with each other

J. Jesus' Farewell Discourse (John 14 – 16)

1. Themes

a. Introduction: "Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and me." (4:1)

b. Conclusion: "You may have peace in me despite trouble from the world." (16:33)

2. Jesus is going to the Father

a. prepare place/he is the way/Father in him. (4:2-14)

b. grief to joy/ask in his name. (16:17-32)

3. Jesus promises Paraclete

a. Spirit of truth to be with disciples. (4:15-21)

b. Spirit of truth to convict world and lead disciples to all truth. (16:5-16)

4. Jesus' disciples and the world

a. Jesus' revelation to disciples and not to world (4:22-31)

b. World's hatred and rejection of disciples, their testimony (15:18-16:4)

5. The vine and the branches

a. Abiding in Jesus/producing much fruit. (15:1-8)

b. Loving like Jesus, sacrificial self-giving. (15:9-17)

K. Jesus' Final Hours

1. Last Supper: significance

a. Past

b. Present

c. Future

2. Gethsemane: significance

a. Jesus' humanity

b. Jesus' relationship with the Father

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