Withdrawal from Galilee – Part 1

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Jesus' ministry in Galilee took place in locations like Nazareth, Cana, the Sea of Galilee and other nearby towns and areas. As Jesus was departing from Galilee, he performed miracles and taught at specific places along the way.


Public Ministry

Part 10

V. Jesus' Withdrawal from Galilee (part 1)

A. Jesus' Ministry in Galilee

1. Jesus preaches in synagogue at Nazareth

2. Jesus heals in lower Galilee

3. Jesus returns from Jerusalem and heals in Cana of Galilee

4. Jesus crosses Sea of Galilee to country of Gerasenes

5. Jesus journeys into district of Tyre and Sidon

6. Jesus preaches in Decapolis

7. Jesus performs wonders near Bethsaida

8. Jesus preaches in district of Caesarea Philippi

B. Withdrawal from Galilee

1. Theologically in purity dispute (Mark 7:1-23)

2. Geographically (Mark 7:24-8:30)

a. Syrophoenician woman – enemy Gentiles included (7:24-30)

b. Mogilalos man in Decapolis – cf. Isaiah 35 (7:31-37)

c. 4,000 fed in Gentile territory – Jesus as bread of life (8:1-10)

d. Brief return to Galilee but only rejection (8:11-12)

e. Back across lake – yeast of hostile leaders (8:13-21)

f. Blind man healed in Bethsaida – another "doublet" (8:22-26)

g. Christology on road to Caesarea Philippi (8:27-30)


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1 Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 23

Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 23


10 min

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