Free Online Bible Classes | Jesus' Early Galilean Ministry – Part 3

Jesus' Early Galilean Ministry – Part 3

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The Sermon on the Mount is one of the main passages showing how Jesus defines the "Kingdom of God." He also calls the disciples, redefines the family, performs healings and exorcisms, and uses parables and pronouncements to teach about who God is and how He relates to humans.


Public Ministry

Part 4

II. Jesus' Early Galilean Ministry (part 3)

A. John and Jesus

B. The Newness of Jesus' Ministry (John 2-4)


C. The Restoration of Israel

1. Kingdom of God

a. Concept but not term in Old Testament

b. Mainly but not exclusively in Synoptics

2. Call of the Disciples

a. New Israel but apart from Jewish power-brokers

b. Disciples continue in New Testament but not term

3. Healings and Exorcisms

a. Other Jewish miracle-workers but not as direct

b. Continues into 3rd century but not as frequent

4. Pronouncement/Conflict Stories

a. All key Jewish issues but Jesus always radical

b. Early church often reverted to legalism

5. Redefining the Family

a. Honor your parents but disciples are family

b. Church became either ascetic or conventional

6. Sermon on the Mount

a. Kingdom theology—"already but not yet"

b. Attitude to Torah – sovereign authority

c. Disciples in community (vs. applications to individuals or the state)

d. Key background – Galilean villages occupied by Rome

e. Just peacemaking

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