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Lecture 13: Introduction to Matthew

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In order to understand the message of the Gospel of Matthew, it is helpful to understand who the author is, the approximate date it was written, the audience to whom it was written, and the possible sources on which Matthew relied when he was writing. Matthew begins by recording genealogy of Jesus and some of the events surrounding his infancy. Jesus' public ministry began with HIs baptism by John the Baptist, temptation in the wilderness and calling of the disciples. His preaching included the Sermon on the Mount and parables which Matthew grouped together in the Gospel.



Part 2

II. Introduction to Matthew

A. Discussion Question

B. Threads in Matthew

1. Most Jewish of the four Gospels

2. The Q Hypothesis

3. Audience

4. Date

5. Author

C. Matthew

1. Infancy (1-2)

2. Five Main Sermons of Jesus (5-7; 10; 13; 18; 23-25)

3. Resurrection (28)

D. An Outline of Matthew

1. Infancy Narrative (1:1-2:23)

2. Preparation for Ministry (3:1-4:17)

3. Jesus' Authority in Preaching (4:18-7:29)

4. Jesus' Authority in Healing (8:1-9:34)

5. Opposition Predicted for Mission (9:35-11:1)

6. Opposition Experienced in Ministry (11:2-12:50)

7. Polarization Explained: Parables (13:1-52)

8. Polarization Enacted: Jew to Gentile (13:52-16:20)

9. Discipleship on Road to Jerusalem (16:21-17:27)

10. The Church: Humility and Forgiveness (18:1-35)

11. Judgment on Jewish Leaders (19:1-22:46)

12. Judgment on Temple and Nations (23:1-25:46)

13. Passion and Resurrection (26:1-28:20)

E. Triads of Parables

1. Matthew 21-22

a. The Two Sons (Israel's Indictment)

b. The Wicked Tenants (Israel's Sentence)

c. The Marriage Feast (Israel's Execution)

2. Matthew 24-25

a. Householder and Thief (Christ Returns Unexpectedly)

b. Faithless Servant (Christ Returns "Too Early")

c. Ten Bridesmaids (Christ Returns "Too Late")


Name Description
1 Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 9

Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 9

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