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Introduction to Mark

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In order to understand the message of the Gospel of Mark, it is helpful to understand who the author is, the approximate date it was written, the audience to whom it was written, and the major themes of the book. The content of the book can be divided into the first 8 chapters that focus on the life and ministry of Jesus and the last 8 chapters that focus on His death and resurrection.



Part 1

I. Introduction to Mark

A. Previous

1. Part 1: Historical Background

2. Part 2: Critical Methods

B. Introduction to the Four Gospels

1. Chapter 6 – Mark

2. Chapter 7 – Matthew

3. Chapter 8 – Luke

4. Chapter 9 – John

C. Discussion Question

D. Standard Topics

1. Author

2. Date

3. Audience

4. Major Themes

E. Mark

1. Jesus' Ministry – Mark 1-8:30

2. Jesus' Passion – Mark 8:31-16

F. Structure: "a passion narrative with an extended introduction" (Martin Kahler)

G. The Good News According to Mark (E. Schweizer)

1. The Beginning (1:1-13)

2. Authority of Jesus and Blindness of Pharisees (1:14-3:6)

3. Jesus' Ministry in Parables and Signs and Blindness of the World (3:7-6:6a)

4. Jesus' Ministry to Gentiles and Blindness of Disciples (6:6b-8:26)

5. Jesus' Open Revelation and Meaning of Discipleship (8:27-10:52)

6. Passion and Resurrection of the Son of Man (11:1-16:8)

H. An Outline of Mark

1. The Life Of Christ (1:1-8:30)

a. Introduction to Jesus (1:1-20)

b. Healing Miracles (1:21-45)

c. Controversy Stories (2:1-3:6)

d. Discipleship and Opposition (3:7-35)

e. Parables (4:1-34)

f. Nature Miracles (4:35-6:6a)

g. More Discipleship & Opposition (6:6b-29)

h. More Nature Miracles (6:30-56)

i. Clean and Unclean (7:1-8:21)

j. Physical and Spiritual Eyesight (8:22-30)

2. The Death of Christ (8:31-16:8)

a. Cross and Resurrection Foreshadowed (8:31-9:32)

b. On True Servanthood (9:33-50)

c. Ministry in Judea (10:1-52)

d. Entry into Jerusalem (11:1-12:44)

e. Olivet Discourse (13:1-37)

f. Preparation for Passion (14:1-72)

g. Crucifixion (15:1-47)

h. Resurrection (16:1-8)

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