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Lecture 10: Illustrations and Applications

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The gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke have so many similarities that they are referred to as the "Synoptic Gospels." There is also material in each of these Gospels that make it distinctive from the other two.



Part 2

II. Illustrations and Applications

A. Consult Synopsis or Harmony of the Synoptic Gospels

B. Study Similarities Between:

1. Mark 2:1-2

2. Matthew 9:1-8

3. Luke 5:17-26

C. Source Criticism

D. Potential Contributions of Oral Position

E. Discuss the Distinctives of Each Synoptic Gospel

1. Distinctives of Matthew

2. Distinctives of Mark

3. Distinctives of Luke


Name Description
1 Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 6

Introduction to the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts - Quiz 6

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28 min

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