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Lecture 1: Overview


Lesson 1 - Overview


1.  Every Member a Minister


2.  Secular vs. Sacred?


3.    Defining Work

The biblical doctrine of work is the gracious expression of creative energy of the Lord in the service of others to create shalom.

Dorothy Sayers via Tim Keller and Gerry Breshears

4.  A look ahead

          Lesson 2:  Who God Is

          Lesson 3:  The Image of God

          Lesson 4:  Humanness

          Lesson 5:  Spiritual Gifts

          Lesson 6:  Vocation

          Lesson 7:  Salvation

          Lesson 8:  Work

          Lesson 9:  Justice

          Lesson 10: Rest


Name Description
1 Theology of Work – Quiz 1

This quiz covers the material in Theology of Work - Lesson 1 by Dr. Gerry Breshears.

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