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Unconditional Election Part 2

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T.U.L.I.P.: Unconditional Election

Part 2

II. Who obtained what Israel was seeking?

Romans 9:32 – We are elected thus we attain it


II. Is election based on foreknown faith? Or does faith happen because of election?

Acts 13:48


III. Do we belong to God because we come to Jesus? Or do we come to Jesus because we belong to God?

A. John 17:6 – 9 (God has a chosen group of people and God gives them to Jesus)

B. John 6:37


IV. Are we Jesus’ sheep because we believe? Or do we believe because we are Jesus’ sheep?

John 10:24 – 27


V. Is evangelism making sheep or gathering sheep?

John 10:16 – Evangelism is finding the other sheep


VI. Is world missions begetting children of God or gathering children of God?

A. John 11:50 – 52

B. John 10:16


VII. Did God choose us because He knows we will come? Or do we come because He chose to give us the will to come?

A. John 6:44; 65

B. Acts 16:14


VIII. Is election based on foreknown faith? Or is faith the effect of election?

Romans 8:28


IX. Problem Texts:

A. I Timothy 2:1-4 - If God chooses unconditionally does He desire all me be saved?

B. Lamentations 3:31