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Building Relationships as a Leader

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Every good leader in the workplace has three key character qualities and every poor leader exhibits three characteristics. A leader looks for certain character qualities in their followers. Effective leaders build trust through relationships.


 Building Relationships as a Leader



Shepherding Horses Volume II. Kent Humphreys. Pages 25 - 40; 169 to 176.


  1. Leaders Require three things:  Knowledge, Skills, and Character


  1. The Focus of the Heart


  1. Effective Spiritual Leaders Build Trust through Relationships


  1. World’s Ways vs. Jesus’ Ways


  1. A Good Leader has:

       a. Integrity

             b. Accessibility

             c. Leadership


  1. A Bad Leader has:
  1. Instability
  2. Withdrawn
  3. Proud


  1. A Leader Desires from his Followers:


  1. Allegiance
  2. Honesty
  3. Submission


  1. Relationships with Peers
  1. Love
  2. Hope
  3. Faith


  1. Relationships leading to:
  1. Consideration
  2. Communication
  3. Cooperation


  1. Relationships leading to:
  1. Dignity
  2. Community
  3. Purpose


11.  A Leader must do these things