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Building Bridges



Over the years walls have been erected between pastors and leaders in the workplace. God has called you to be a “bridge builder” by first tearing down those walls and building bridges between church leaders and leaders from the marketplace, so that together they might reach their communities for Christ.


 Building Bridges between Church Leaders

and Workplace Leaders



Shepherding Horses. Kent Humphreys (Lifestyle Impact). Pages 32 – 50.


A.    A Vision from God


B.    How do we learn?


C.    Pastors have been asked by God to do Six things with their workplace leaders


1.     Call Them into a Personal Relationship with You


2.     Create an Atmosphere of Understanding with Them


3.     Affirm Them in Their Workplace Calling


4.    Equip Them as Ministers in the Workplace


5.    Commission Them as Worldwide Ambassadors for Christ


6.    Release Them for Service in Their Own Sphere of Influence


Name Description
1 Implementing Theology Work – Quiz 7

This quiz covers the material in Marketplace Ministry - Building Bridges - Lecture 7 by Kent Humphreys.

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