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What are God’s Purposes for Us?



There are four primary ways that leaders grow spiritually. Jesus modeled each of those four activities for the twelve. Successful leaders learn how to grow in these ways spiritually, and as a leader, as a professional, and how to support the transformation of their community.


What are God’s Purposes for Us?




Shepherding Horses. Kent Humphreys.  Pages 38 - 39; 34 - 36.


Shepherding Horses Volume II. Kent Humphreys.  Pages 40 to 60; 98 to 111.


Christ@Work Opening Doors. Kent Humphreys (Lifestyle Impact). Pages 17 – 24.


My Own Journey


Four Words that God is emphasizing today:


1.  Kingdom

2.  Relationships

3.  Community

  1. Transformation


Pathway to Purpose


·       Transformation of the person, leader, business, and marketplace


·       Transformation of the leader, company, marketplace, and the community




Transformation leading to:

  1. Spiritual Maturity
  2. Servant Leadership
  3. Business Excellence
  4. Community Transformation


Development of:

  1. Life
  2. Leadership
  3. Organization
  4. Transformation of Community


Four Ways that Leaders Grow


  1. Personal time with God
  2. Example or Role Model
  3. Small Accountability Group
  4. Encouragement of a Family member or Friend



Four Activities we need in our Lives


  1. Our Relationship with God
  2. Our “Inner Circle”
  3. Our Small Group
  4. Our Large Group


Jesus Revealed the Father to the Twelve as we must do


Successful Leaders Balance the Family, Workplace, Finances, and other Priorities


Successful Leaders Understand Their Calling


Name Description
1 Implementing Theology Work – Quiz 2

This quiz covers the material in Marketplace Ministry - What are God's Purposes for Us? - Lecture 2 by Kent Humphreys.

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