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English Grammar

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It is not possible to understand a good commentary unless you have a basic understanding of grammar, and that means we have to start with English grammar. Unless you are very comfortable with the concepts of case, inflection, verbal agreement, tense, voice, mood, clauses and phrases, please do not skip this chapter. Bill also introduces his basic exegetical method, how he goes about interpreting the Bible.


English Grammar


I. Nouns

A. Inflection

B. Case

1. Subjective

2. Possessive

3. Objective

C. Number

1. Singular

2. Plural

D. Gender

1. Male

2. Female

II. Verbs

A. Person


1. Singular

2. Plural

C. Tense

1. Present

2. Past

3. Past Participle

D. Voice

1. Active

2. Passive

E. Aspect

1. Continuous

2. Perfect

3. Undefined

III. Clauses- has subject and verb

A. Dependent/Subordinate

B. Independent/Insubordinate

C. Types of Clauses

1. Concessive

2. Temporal

3. Relative-Starts with Rel. Pron.

IV. Conjunctions

A. Coordinating (connect independent Clauses)

B. Subordinate- begin a dependent clause and often link it to an independent clause.

V. Phrases

A. Prepositional-begin with preposition, has object

B. Participial- begins with participle

VI. "Phrasing"

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