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How do you read the better commentaries? What are the authors talking about, and why? Bill discusses hermeneutics as well as gives you an overview of the different commentary series.


Week 6: How Do We Describe Things?

Chapter 29: How To Read A Commentary



Unasked Questions




Authorial Intent

Common Sense

Analogy of Faith


Culture (comes through or re-apply principle)

Application (be concrete)

Hermeneutics (Integrity)

How to Choose a Commentary

1. Read a few commentaries on the same biblical passage

2. Talk about the biblical text?

3. Task of the commentary (“hermeneutics”)

4. Application come from text?

5. Single vs. series (and my suggestions)

Suggested Commentaries

One volume: Evangelical Commentary on the Bible (Baker)

Two volume: Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary's

The Expositor's Bible Commentary (Zondervan)

Preaching the Word (Crossway)

New International Biblical Commentary (Hendrickson)

New American Commentary (Broadman/Holman)

NIV Application Commentary (Zondervan)

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