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Lecture 10: King Henry the VIII (part 2)

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Henry the VIII and his influence on the English Reformation.


King Henry the VIII (part 2)

• The church’s system

o Benefices

o Vicar

o Tides

• Sir Thomas Muir

o Against Protestantism

• Thomas Cromwell (Vicar General)

o Open to Protestant Ideas

• House of Commons

o Petition to reform the church

• The end of church independence

• Rivalry between King Henry and Luther

• Break with Rome

• Negotiation between England and the protestant powers of Germany

• Luther’s refuse to enter into an agreement with the King

• 10 Articles of religion

• The king’s third wife: Lady Jane Seymour

o Had a son: future King Edward the VI

• In 1538 Anne of Cleves Marries the King

• King Henry allows the printing of the English Bible

• Katherine Howard king’s 5th wife

o The Howard family rejected Protestantism

• Katherine Parr: the 6th wife and last

o Protestant

o Edward and Elizabeth (the king’s children) raised Protestant


Name Description
1 Church History II - Quiz 10

Church History II - Quiz 10

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1 hour 11 min

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