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Lecture 6: The Spreading of the Reformation

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This course covers the challenges of the Reformation while spreading to France. John Calvin and others who had a significant role in the spreading of the Reformation are emphasized.


The Spreading of the Reformation

• Reformation’s crisis with the present way of ruling

• Definition of reformation (a hard thing to do)

• Confession of faith

• Protestantism

• Hansa league becomes protestant

• Martin Bucer (1491-1551)

o Open minded and respected

o Taught Calvin

o Not well recognize in the 16th century

• France

o First place reached by reformation outside of Germany

o Political problems

o The English kicked out of France

o France afraid of the reformation

• Protestantism

o Not supported in England

o Supported in France

• Roman control resented

• Prince of Orange

• John Calvin

o Academic life

o Becomes a reformer

o More systematic that Luther

o Geneva


Name Description
1 Church History II - Quiz 6

Church History II - Quiz 6

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1 hour 15 min

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