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Background of the Reformation II

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This course will cover the various events that occurred before the Reformation. The main events covered are: The restructuring of the papacy, the Muslim invasion, the launching of the crusades, and the life of John Wycliffe and his challenge of the church’s authority.


Background of the Reformation II

• The restructuring of the papacy

o The beginning of bureaucracy

o Roman church’s task in society to make it more powerful

o Bureaucracy resented

• Islam’s invasion of Turkey

o Pope’s launch of the crusades to help the Eastern Empire

o Liberation of Jerusalem a cover upp>

o Indulgences, a way to support the crusades

o The Roman church continues to charge tax even after the crusades are over

• Papacy’s struggle for power

o More than one pope elected

• The conciliar movement

o Roman church’s lack of credibility

• Western Europe’s Plague

o Intensification of religion

• John Wycliffe

o A brief view of his academic life

o Questioning of the authority of the church of Rome

o Declaring the ultimate authority of the bible

o Wycliffe’s declarations are made public

o Translation of the bible to English language

o Wycliffe’s condemnation and punishment

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