Hebrews 11

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Two literary devices used in Hebrews chapter 11 are the author’s use of “by faith” repeatedly for emphasis and the “example list” used for exhortation, not exposition. It encourages people to action by using overwhelming evidence. They were successful in spite of the difficulties they faced as marginalized people. Faith is not leaping out against the evidence. It is standing confidently based on what God has revealed to be true.


I. Introduction

            A. "by faith"

            B. "example list"

            C. Patterns

            D. Structure of the chapter

II. Text

            A. Overture (Heb 11:1-3)

            B. Movement 1 (Heb. 11:4-12)

            C. Interlude (Heb 11:13-16)

            D. Movement 2 (Heb11:17-31)

            E. Crescendo and conclusion (Heb 11:32-40)

III. Implications


1 hour 15 min

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