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Lecture 19: Lausanne Conference

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The Lausanne Conference on World Evangelism provided a forum for Christian leaders from different countries and denominations to establish some common goals and principles for communicating the Gospel and caring for people all over the world.

Note: The David Bosch Grid and Hans Kung Paradigm chart may be posted in the future but is not available at this time.


Lausanne Conference


1. Consultation on Relationship between Evangelism and Social Responsibility (CRESR)

2. Lausanne conference documents

3. Congress of World Missions, Edinburgh Scotland, 1910

4. Lausanne Conference for World Evangelization 1974

5. Goals of the Lausanne Conference

6. Results of the Lausanne Conference

7. Objectives written by the Lausanne committee for world evangelization


Name Description
1 Theology of World Missions - Quiz 19

Theology of World Missions - Quiz 19

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